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Recommendations Item List
  • Holiday raffia sun cap
  • Holiday raffia sun cap
  • This is a really hot raffia suncap nowadays ~
    The size can be faded and the brim is wide, so please finish the look with the sense of sunshine as well as the senses ~

  • 26.90 USD
  • Square Metal Clock (Casio genuine) <br>
  • Square Metal Clock (Casio genuine)
  • It is a classic square frame metal watch ~
    When it receives the sunlight, it blinks more and it is a watch that fits very well in summer and shines ~

  • 49.09 USD

Product Information, Display

Product List
  • (6Piece set) Gold ring earring Set
  • (6Piece set) Gold ring earring Set
  • Good to wear in summer It is a set earring that a round earring enters into point ~
    Simple From basic design to earrings to points At a time!

  • 13.45 USD
  • Donut Epoxy Color earring
  • Donut Epoxy Color earring
  • If you wear More Pretty It is a donut shaped earring ~
    Wear it as a point in summer Good Color and design are earrings ~

  • 8.97 USD
  • Petite Coin 2line Necklace <br>
  • Petite Coin 2line Necklace
  • Simple T-shirt to wear Good coin necklace ~
    It is small in size and can be worn separately as well as two lines ~

  • 11.21 USD
  • Antique stone pearl earring <br>
  • Antique stone pearl earring
  • Rather simple items and coordinated when I'm More Pretty Earrings ~
    It can be worn without riding fashion in an antique style ~

  • 11.21 USD
  • Ribbon pearl round earring <br>
  • Ribbon pearl round earring
  • Small but point Good Ribbon Round pearl earrings I ~
    A blouse or one-piece dress, it fits very well when wearing feminine knit ~

  • 13.45 USD (sold out)
  • Love Rose olive earring (Silver Post) <br>
  • Love Rose olive earring (Silver Post)
  • It can be worn without worrying about allergy by the silver coin ~
    It is an olive earring that goes down not too long ~
    Every time I move, bling bling shines and the rose pendant is really lovely ~

  • 17.93 USD
  • Gold Earring <br>
  • Gold Earring
  • Point cycle to a non-burdened size
    I wear a lot of dark colored clothes in winter,

  • 11.21 USD (sold out)
  • Stole moon necklace <br>
  • Stole moon necklace
  • It is a crescent moon necklace that goes well with a V neck knit ~
    Slim design makes it even more uncomfortable and makes the clavicle line look pretty ~

  • 11.21 USD
  • Pearl earrings earrings <br>
  • Pearl earrings earrings
  • A small pearl ran like a clay,
    Earring It is enough to be pointed with only one thing, and the face looks much more beautiful?

  • 11.21 USD
  • Love Gold Necklace <br>
  • Love Gold Necklace
  • VNeckline When you feel that you are wearing something
    Necklace is a must, but this time LOVE lettering to the heart
    Enter More Lovely and Beloved Necklace ~

  • 8.97 USD (sold out)
  • Bar cubic olive earring <br>
  • Bar cubic olive earring
  • Different design of olive earring ~
    The face looks really small,
    Long earring will make you feel like a silky Chic!

  • 11.21 USD (sold out)
  • Uncle Clover Necklace <br>
  • Uncle Clover Necklace
  • Necklace with four-leaf clover pendant-shaped blinking cubic is ~ Rose Gold Necklace is a small but solid point

  • 11.21 USD
  • Round petit pearl earring <br>
  • Round petit pearl earring
  • Slim round shape with a small pearl is very feminine Swe ~
    If you wear it in summer More Pretty silver and pearl mix is ​​beautiful ~

  • 11.21 USD
  • Marble Necklace <br>
  • Marble Necklace
  • I really need necklaces in summer ~
    VNeck is a gemstone necklace to the point when you wear it.

  • 11.21 USD
  • Petite Yolive Pearl Necklace <br>
  • Petite Yolive Pearl Necklace
  • Increase the perfection in style line olive Pearl Necklace!
    It is good to point to simple look with long Falling style ~

  • 17.93 USD
  • Pearl ring Cubic earring (92.5) <br>
  • Pearl ring Cubic earring (92.5)
  • Feel free to wear it with a tattered feel Good Pearl earring!
    When I wear a blouse or a One-piece dress, it is very beautiful ~

  • 13.45 USD
  • YLine Pearl Necklace <br>
  • YLine Pearl Necklace
  • It is a necklace of Y line with a small pearl ~
    It is well suited to Simple t-shirts,
    I feel like I'm seeing More Pretty Necklace ~

  • 15.69 USD
  • Toing pearl olive earring <br>
  • Toing pearl olive earring
  • The plain look is even more special! Olive earring with a smile up to the face!
    The ball-shaped pearls are olive to complete the Shining styling.

  • 13.45 USD
  • Silver 92.5 Simple ring earring <br>
  • Silver 92.5 Simple ring earring
  • Silver 92.5By I can wear without worrying about allergy ~
    It is a ring earring that is popular nowadays,
    Wearing as a daily Really Good Good size Silver ring earring

  • 13.45 USD
  • Square wood one ball earring <br>
  • Square wood one ball earring
  • Tone-down color combination with more mood ~
    Minimize size, feel free to point Cycle!
    If you have one of these earring in plain look, it is stylish up!

  • 11.21 USD (sold out)
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