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Recommendations Item List
  • Wing Y olive Necklace <br>
  • Wing Y olive Necklace
  • It is an olive necklace that is loved by many selves.
    It's also good for Point cycle with long style.
    Layering with other short necklaces is also great!

  • 13.45 USD

Product Information, Display

Product List
  • Silver 92.5 Simple ring earring <br>
  • Silver 92.5 Simple ring earring
  • Silver 92.5By I can wear without worrying about allergy ~
    It is a ring earring that is popular nowadays,
    Wearing as a daily Really Good Good size Silver ring earring

  • 13.45 USD
  • Square wood one ball earring <br>
  • Square wood one ball earring
  • Tone-down color combination with more mood ~
    Minimize size, feel free to point Cycle!
    If you have one of these earring in plain look, it is stylish up!

  • 11.21 USD
  • Flower Pearl Darling earring <br>
  • Flower Pearl Darling earring
  • Styling 1.5 times more beautiful with one earring!
    The flower motif and pearl decoration are mixed to make it more feminine.

  • 17.93 USD
  • Round Wood earring <br>
  • Round Wood earring
  • Nowadays, the bigger earring is Point Just Good item!
    Not only does it make your face look smaller,
    The earring in the lighter attire Point Point properly!

  • 15.69 USD
  • Shiny Heart earring (Silver Post) <br>
  • Shiny Heart earring (Silver Post)
  • It is a miniature size, but the point is right!
    Simple It is good to wear in T-shirt or dress ~
    I recommend it as a daily size that is not burdensome!

  • 11.21 USD
  • Point Good Lace earring <br>
  • Point Good Lace earring
  • Today's Lace earrings hottest design -
    Too good to point the face look really small ~
    Even unbalanced wear only one laid very pretty.

  • 11.21 USD
  • Triangle Pearl Cubic earring <br>
  • Triangle Pearl Cubic earring
  • When you wear to wear, feminine dress and pearls and cubic zirconia are Blouse Good mix of rose gold-colored triangle really pretty ~

  • 10.98 USD
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