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Flat / Loafers BEST ITEM

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  • Sophisticated UP Square Buckle Loafers <br>
  • Sophisticated UP Square Buckle Loafers
  • [height heel: 1.5cm]
    Slim It looks slender and beautiful with a good shape of the foot in a snug line. I also point to plain look Sparing buckle Looper ~

  • 26.67 USD
  • Ribbon Flat <br>
  • Ribbon Flat
  • [height heel: 1cm]
    Ribbon Flat with light clinging feel like a godly gesture! It is natural and feminine.

  • 40.12 USD
  • Dot See-through look <br>
  • Dot See-through look
  • [height heel: 1cm]
    Flat shoes of see-through dots that are popular nowadays! The dots that are clearly visible are really attractive.

  • 49.09 USD
  • Appearance Point Ribbon Flat shoes <br>
  • Appearance Point Ribbon Flat shoes
  • [height heel: 2cm]
    Every woman is a flat shoes I want to have one of them ~
    The color of the bows and ribbon ties are really well crafted ~

  • 44.60 USD
  • Gold Chain Suede Loafers <br>
  • Gold Chain Suede Loafers
  • [height heel: 3.5cm]
    NIB fell slightly in line apko feet more slender look to the natural one - the Gold Chain Suede texture that point to the texture'm cool ^^ deohaejyeo

  • 44.60 USD
  • Simple line Oxford Loafers <br>
  • Simple line Oxford Loafers
  • [Height heel: 1cm]
    High utilization of simple, Oxford Langley Loafer's piece is good as well - pants -

  • 28.02 USD
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